Question 6 will cause energy costs to skyrocket and harm Nevada's economy

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Question 6 will raise Nevadans’ utility bills, drive away good jobs, and harm our efforts to diversify our economy. This misguided proposal is sponsored by a California-based hedge fund billionaire who doesn’t speak for Nevadans.

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How Question 6 Harms Nevada

Increased costs and lost jobs

Question 6 imitates a costly California policy already in effect, with disastrous results. We need only look at California to see what kind of energy cost increases we would see if Question 6 passes. California’s residential utility rates are 57 percent higher than Nevada’s and industrial rates are more than double. Jobs in manufacturing, agriculture, and tourism all would be impacted if Question 6 passes.

Amends the State Constitution

Because the measure amends the State Constitution, if we pass it and then discover later that it is impractical to implement or too costly to our economy, we will be stuck! The only way we could repeal Question 6 would be with another Constitutional Amendment!

Ambitious California hedge fund billionaire

California billionaire Tom Steyer is a potential 2020 presidential candidate. His political arm is the sole donor to the Yes on Question 6 campaign, spending over $2 million just to put Question 6 on the ballot. Because of the job-killing effects of the policies advocated by Steyer, in 2015, eight construction unions urged any partnership with him be cancelled.