Get the Facts

Jobs in manufacturing, agriculture, and tourism all would be impacted if Question 6 passes and energy costs rise. Due to the same policy Question 6 would impose on Nevada, California has lost 40 percent of its industrial base since 2000.

Question 6 is funded by politically-ambitious California billionaire, Tom Steyer. His political arm is the sole donor to the Yes on 6 campaign, according to Ballotpedia.

Question 6 is essentially a regressive tax on energy that will drive up costs, drive away good jobs, and harm low income consumers the most.

Nevada already has one of the most diverse renewable energy portfolios in the nation, including 19 geothermal projects, 14 solar projects and about a dozen wind, biomass, hydro and waste heat renewable energy projects, with additional renewable energy products in the planning process, according to Nevada Energy.

Because the measure amends the State Constitution, if we pass it and then discover later that it is impractical to implement or too costly to our economy, the only way we could reverse Question 6 would be with another Constitutional Amendment.

Question 6 imitates a costly California policy already in effect, with disastrous results. California’s residential utility rates are 57 percent higher than Nevada’s and industrial rates are more than double, according to statistics from the US Energy Information Administration.


We don’t need to look far to see that Question 6 is a misguided policy. That’s why Nevadans should vote NO to higher energy costs and more lost jobs! NO on Question 6!